Department of Health Evaluation of LINks

>> Department of Health Evaluation of LINks

On 29th December 2010 the Department of Health released it’s ‘evaluation’ of LINks, which was based on all of the previous years’ LINk’s Annual Reports that it could get its paws on.

This report resulted in the following two articles in the Health Service Journal, which I think are both worth a read (if you are a subscriber! If not, contact me and I’ll send them to you):

What to do with this data:

The DH evaluation contains some nice summaries giving the ‘England average’ of LINks for things like membership, reports, Enter & View visits etc. This might be useful information when compiling your own reports e.g. “Our membership currently stands at 700, which is 80% more than the average LINk according to blah blah”.

There are also some nice case studies which really don’t show any tangible service changes but are nicely worded to reflect the LINk’s input in a positive way. This is encouraging as it shows that the work of the LINk is recognised even when a measurable outcome might not be easy to pin down. It also gives some good ideas for wording our own case studies for our annual reports.


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