The Health Service Journal

Now I don’t want to sound like an advert, but the Health Service Journal is one of my favourite places to procrastinate.  It’s a weekly publication all about health services with a really easy-to-use website which is always up-to-date.

HSJ is aimed at NHS managers and commissioners, but the articles are always very accessible.  It also has comments from readers, usually anonymous and generally furious (like most things on the internet).

How can I see local health news?
HSJ has just launched a handy new HSJ Local service. This brings local news and information together in a very easy-to-navigate webpage. Or as the website says: “HSJ Local reports on most NHS commissioning and provider organisations. It examines them in five categories: performance, finance, change in structure, workforce and commercial activity.” Or as I like to think of it, ‘performance’ or ‘interesting gossip’.

HSJ Local makes it really easy to see what news is emerging from your local trusts and services. It is very simple to click through to your local area, and then click on your local PCT or local hospital and see whether any news has emerged locally that you should know about.

HSJ Statistics
HSJ also has a website which has Performance Indicators for NHS organisations, at There are only a few things on there at the moment, but you can view information about emergency admissions and outpatient attendance for example, and compare your local area with other areas. New performance indicators are going to be added each month. This data is presented very clearly on clickable maps (I can’t resist a clickable map).

What to do with this data:
Well firstly, you are going to have to subscribe unless you want to be taunted with interesting headlines and nothing else. Subscription costs £47.50 per quarter, for which you get access to the website and a posted copy of the Health Services Journal magazine every week.

It’s well worth subscribing though, because the articles are very easy to read and the new HSJ Local service makes it very easy to ensure that you are up to speed with any important local issues that might be making headlines.


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