Local HealthWatch Briefing Paper v.2

Everyone seemed to like my Local HealthWatch Briefing Paper which I scribbled in October last year, but a few things have changed since then. I wouldn’t want you all wandering around with an outdated briefing paper in your paw, so I’ve put together a brand new version which hopefully reflects what we know at the moment.

>>> Download the HealthWatch Briefing v2 February 2012

HealthWatch Briefing Paper V2

HealthWatch Briefing Paper V2


What to do with this information:

  • Gently pass it to your Local Authority Local HealthWatch Commissioner, who is probably crying at his/her desk;
  • Have a read and let me know what I’ve missed, and drop me an email to let me know!

2 Comments on “Local HealthWatch Briefing Paper v.2”

  1. very helpful, thanks for putting this together…Andrew

  2. Santino says:

    Many thanks Lucy, very informative. Plenty of unanswered questions, The issue of TUPE is likely to be a risk that volunteers will not want to inherit going back to 2008, If 3 years on from April 2013 will ‘existing hosts’/new providers want this liability? With LA’s forever reducing at their end the money from the LD &HR Grant from the DoH it would be a brave organisation that would tender? for such a LHW contract. We wait and see.

    Again many thanks

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