The NHS Reforms on One Side of A4 … including Public Health England

And then I made a version with Public Health England on it…

“Where is Public Health England?” pointed out a keen Twitterer, who was perusing my very pretty “NHS Reforms on one side of A4“, so I had to go back and glue in some more pieces.

Hmmm… I do worry that the trouble with sharing this version with members of the public is that it might be tipping the diagram into Thanks-But-Now-I-Really-Am-Glazing-Over territory (the ‘PCT Clustering’ effect), but I will include it for accuracy:

NHS Reforms with Public Health England

 What to do with this data:


7 Comments on “The NHS Reforms on One Side of A4 … including Public Health England”

  1. Nigel Engert says:

    The lady’s a genius. I love both versions and will circulate to everyone with the remotest interest in the (exciting) new NHS here in dear old Somerset and its chums in SCC.
    I hope Lucy is sends a copy to Andrew Lansley (or Dr Frankenstein as he in now known in some circles).

  2. datagoat says:

    Thank you Nigel! Glad you like it! x

  3. Mike says:

    I am not sure I know any more about the structure – but I successfully rewired my houde using this helpfulk diagram – so many thanks LOL

  4. Mike says:

    My last post should have read ‘rewired my house using this helpful diagram’ – it serves me right for having a bit of fun with someone elses efforts to capture this on one page!

  5. datagoat says:

    Lol! Yes it does serve you right, cheeky… 🙂

    • mike says:

      i’m pleased you saw the funny side – it was intended as a tease rather than a criticism – we laughed in our office when i suggested posting it – but seriously well done for effort in putting this together

      Mike 🙂

  6. Andy Liggins says:

    Thank you for this – very helpful. The number of NHSCB area offices is to be determined but can easily be changed as you have helpfully given us the Powerpoint link. Thank you

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