> About me

Welcome to the datagoat’s blog!

This blog is written by…
Lucy Nicholls. Email lucy@babyspider.co.uk. I live and work in Somerset.

But whyyyy?
This blog aims to pull together any vaguely interesting or useful bits of information about health services or social care services that might be of interest to anyone working for Healthwatches or involved in patient engagement and public scrutiny.  I try to keep it simple and resist the urge to comment at length on anything…

This blog aims to give people a bit of useful information and a bit of confidence about using it, with simple suggestions that anyone can understand.

While working for the Local Involvement Network in Somerset, I was often handing out postcards to members of public that ask them ‘What Gets Your Goat in Health & Social Care?’ The ubiquitous goat became our slightly irritating mascot.  He rears his ugly head on stickers that popped up all over the office, on everything from our project folders to the underside of the toilet seat (for the benefit of my male colleagues – you know who you are).

But one thing that really got my goat was the lack of places for members of the public to go for information about health and social care involvement and scrutiny. So  I started this blog in the hope that it would be a useful tool and give people some ideas about project work.

If there’s any useful data that you’ve found that you’ve like included – let me know.  🙂

Best wishes, LUCY xxx


2 Comments on “> About me”

  1. Caroline says:

    Lucy posting not going well today! Seems like a useful project though, I’ve been looking at publicly available datasets – where have you been looking?

  2. datagoat says:

    I’ve just been rummaging around to see what I can find, but it isn’t easy to make sense of most of it. Rather a long way to go before the Information Revolution I think!

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