Department of Health Live Consultations

Want to find out what the Department of Health is currently consulting on? Go to to Live Consultations webpage.

This webpage links to all the live consultations, which you can then download in their full glory.

What to do with this data:
Signpost people to this web page; make sure they know where they can find live consultations.

Many of the consultations run to 50-60 pages which can be quite daunting if you want to try and share these with members of the public for their views, for example in a group. Don’t feel obliged to answer all the questions – it’s not an exam!  You can select key questions and use these for discussions, if that is more appropriate.  Then just send your response to these selected questions back to the Department of Health.

The webpage for each consultation may have the questions in an alternative format – for example, Easy-Read. If an Easy-Read version isn’t available, drop an email to the Department of Health and ask for one. This can also be useful for getting a quick grasp of what the consultation is about, or for sharing the consultation with groups who are best served by an Easy-Read version.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the Department of Health Responses to Consultations Page – to see what they did with all your feedback!