Welcome to the datagoat’s blog

Welcome to the datagoat’s blog! This blog aims to pull together information about health services or social care services that might be of interest to Local Involvement Networks (or Local Healthwatches!).

I will keep it simple and will resist the urge to comment at length on anything. If there is any data that you would like on this blog, please let me know!

We’re often handing out postcards to members of public that ask them ‘What Gets Your Goat in Health & Social Care?’ The ubiquitous goat seems to have become our slightly irritating mascot and rears his odd-looking head on stickers that pop up all over the office, on everything from our project folders to the underside of the toilet seat (to remind us of something that definitely gets the goat of any ladies in the office..).

But one thing that really gets my goat is the lack of a place for LINks to go to find data that is simple enough to be digested by members of the public and people that are not health or social care professionals.  So I’ve started this blog in the hope that it will help address that problem.

If there’s any useful data that you’ve found that you’ve like included – let me know.

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Lucy at the Somerset LINk. Email somersetlink@makesachange.org.uk.