GP Commissioning Consortia

The Guardian Datablog loves all sorts of geeky data and it has a fab guide to the emerging GP Commissioning Consortia (GPCC).  I love the easy-to-use map and the table at the bottom of the page that lists the consortia.

Julian Beach of Cordis Bright has used this data to produce a map of the consortia showing their population size through the circle size.

Both of the above maps are really simple tools to give you an overview of the GPCC.

N.B. The first and second ‘waves’ of GP Consortia:
The GP Consortia were announced in two waves: one lot in December 2010 and the second wave in January 2011. The table on the bottom of this page contains data on the first wave of consortia. This article talks a bit about the second wave and contains a table of the second wave consortia.

What to do with this data:
Find your local GPCC, see how big it is in terms of population size and how it compares to others in your area and across the country.